• The Ruth Rendell Mysteries - Set 3

The Ruth Rendell Mysteries - Set 3

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    Best-selling crime writer Ruth Rendell (Baroness Rendell of Babergh) explores the motives for murder across England's many landscapes, from rock-strewn moors to suburban estates. Each set includes four to six deliciously complex psychological crime dramas based on her novels and seen on public television. Each approx. 460 min. on 3 DVDs. The Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Set 3 contains five more dramas of psychological suspense, based on Rendell's stories of compulsion, obsession, crossed signals, and haunted pasts. Most gratifying is the inclusion of episode "Harm Done," featuring Rendell's most famous character, Chief Inspector Reg Wexford (George Baker), the soft-spoken, by-the-book cop who nevertheless harbors a fiery temper when his judgement is challenged. The aging Wexford is confronted with a horrifying kidnapping mystery that might, in fact, be more than one crime. A female toddler disappears from her upstairs bedroom at a swank mansion at the same time several teenage girls vanish for days at a time, only to return with little to say about their ordeal. Complicating matters is the release of a convicted pedophile from prison, moving into his daughter's home and incurring the wrath of neighbors. "The Lake of Darkness" is an interesting piece about a bisexual businessman (Jerome Flynn) who comes into some money and doesn't know how to gracefully give it away to needy people, despite best intentions. His bumbling philanthropy unintentionally ventures into dangerous territory when he tries to help an old woman whose son is a serial killer. Sadie Frost co-stars as a married woman who begins an affair with him, though there is more to that situation than meets the eye.

    "You Can't Be Too Careful" is a so-so, twist-ending sort of tale about a single woman (Serena Evans) whose preoccupation with safety becomes a problem when she shares a flat with a hard-partying officemate (June Hazlegrove) who doesn't appreciate her concerns. In some ways, the most interesting drama in this set is "The Fallen Curtain," an unconventionally written story about a young man (Ben Brazier) consumed with the question of what happened to him during several hours of his childhood--when he disappeared in the company of a stranger. Seeking an answer, he replicates the original scene in a role reversal, playing the stranger and pressuring an unsuspecting boy into cooperating. The strange adventure becomes increasingly taut because we don't know--and neither does the central character--where his experiment is leading. Finally, "Going Wrong," a two-parter, is the only clinker here, a tedious story, with obvious echoes of The Great Gatsby, about a wealthy lout (James Callis) who has never lost his adolescent fixation on a girl (Josephine Butler) and doesn't intend to stop just because she's grown up and wants to marry another man. --Tom Keogh

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